Quinta has therapy.

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It’s an unprecedented hot weekend in Japan (the Tokyo area reached close to 40 degrees centigrate yesterday), so we have been staying indoors in the air conditioned house and putting off more outside buggy trips for Quinta. That does not mean that the weekend has been uneventful.

Friends visited Saturday to check up on Quinta. He was thrilled to see them and was a very gracious host.

Quinta surrounded by friends.
Quinta surrounded by friends.

One of our friends brought specially blended organic oils for Quinta for use in his twice-daily massage.

Special oils for Quinta.
Special oils for Quinta.

Another friend introduced us to light therapy using a carbon lamp that emits light that is similar to sunlight except for the UV rays. This type of light therapy has been in use in Japan for many years (for people, as well as for pets) and apparently has been effective for all kinds of ailments, including cancer. At the very least, the light seems to have a very relaxing effect on Quinta and allows him to sleep well.

Quinta having light therapy.
Quinta having light therapy.

Friends also introduced us to Mozart music therapy, which is popluar here in Japan. We now have a series of Mozart CDs for Quinta and he is quickly becoming a Mozart buff.

Quinta and Mozart.
Quinta and Mozart.

For Quinta, the best “therapy” of all is being surrounded by caring friends and enjoying our peaceful life at home.

Quinta is happy to be at home.
Quinta is happy to be at home.

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3 thoughts on “Quinta has therapy.”

  1. Oh Quinta! This is one of the best updates so far, and they keep getting better and better and more and more loving—if that’s even possible!

    You can just tell Quinta loves being the center of attention.

    You, your friends and famiy are doing a WONDERFUL job in helping Quinta heal. The therapies that you are using are so interesting. The fact that they are non-invasive and obviously enjoyable for Quinta HAVE to do good!

    Quinta is a very loved dog and his quality is clearly exceptionally great!! You have caring and compassionate friends and I know they’re not only helpful to Quinta’ but I’m sure very helpful to you too.

    you have a very special relationship with Quinta and I know your uplifting attitude makes him very happy!

    I LOVE the pictures you included with the captions! Priceless!
    He REALLY, REALLY looks so happy and content, He is such a pretty dog…..a handsome boy!! Every picture ne looks healthier and brighter and more alert.

    Be glad when it cools down some so he can go for his buggy ride and get his treats from the shopkeeper.

    You’re doing a great job. Thanks for the wonderful updates. Keep us posted on all the therapies you’re adding to the mix. We could learn a lot “over here!!

    Honest to goodness, Quinta just looks like he smiles all the time! He’s one happy boy!

    Look forward to more updates and photos!

    Mozart? Love that!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. Wowweee, I can feel the love that surrounds you from all the way in America.

    You have such a great group of friends there and very well-educated when it comes to health matters too. I’ve heard about light therapy but have never actually written about it. You’ll have to let us know how it’s working for you.

    Lotsa love coming your way pretty pup. Stay cool, that weather sounds really, really yucky.

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