Quinta has acupuncture.

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In his anemic condition, Quinta tires easily and pants frequently, especially at night. At the recommendation of our vet, we rented an oxygen machine to help Quinta breath more easily while he is sleeping. This seems to be helping, but Quinta still wakes up several times during the night and pants heavily.

Yesterday, our vet who specializes in Eastern medicine came by to give Quinta his acupuncture treatment. She worked on Quinta’s pressure points that are linked to boosting his immune system as well as those that are supposed to relieve his fatigue resulting from the anemia. The treatment seems to have made Quinta feel a lot better — he slept better last night and there was a lot less panting. Today, Quinta seems more relaxed and energetic.

Quinta getting acupuncture treatment.
Quinta getting acupuncture treatment.

After deciding not to pursue chemotherapy for Quinta, we have been focusing on alternative treatments, especially Eastern medicine. Our vet takes a holistic approach to Quinta’s treatment and is able to gain a good sense of his condition by touching various parts of his body and feeling his pulse, without overly relying on numbers and test results. This gives us a lot of comfort; we feel that we have a better understanding of Quinta’s overall condition (not just physical, but mental and emotional) and can adapt ourselves to his evolving needs in a more natural way.

Acupuncture helps Quinta feel better.
Acupuncture helps Quinta feel better.

Daily light therapy also seems to be helping Quinta. Every morning, I give him a massage followed by thirty minutes of light therapy. Quinta’s little sister Jam is always beside him and looks after him.

Jam looks after Quinta.
Jam looks after Quinta.

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2 thoughts on “Quinta has acupuncture.”

  1. Always wonderful to see pictures of Quinta…and especially uplifting today to hear how well he is doing today. I really like the “natural” approach you jave implemented to take care of his mind, body and spirit.

    His pictures show he is thoroughy enjoying the acupuncture and is completely relaxed. He knows how loved he is and he knows you are doing everything for him just as he would like it done!

    It sounds like you have a regiment that is helping his breathing and who knows how that benefit will continue to impove his overall well being.

    Oh my goodness, that icture of he and Jam….adorale! there’s a lot of love there!

    Quinta looks happy, content and very fit! Keep on doing what you’re doing! It’s giving you some wonderful quality time together and that’s what we all hope for.

    Don’t let any worries rob you of this wonderful time together. Quinta isn’t worried about a thing and is just enjoying living in the moment with you.

    Really grateful for the update and lovely pictures.

    Two of your biggest fans,

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. I’m so hoppy the acupuncture is working for you Quinta. We try to tell people here in the USA how beneficial it is but there is still a lot of skepticism about it. Americans are funny that way. But hopefully when more people see how much it is helping you, they will at least give it a try because we are big believers too.

    It’s so neat how Eastern Medicine really understands illness and how to treat it. I wish more American doctors did.

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