Quinta gets a new toy.

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Monday evening, one of our former dog-sitters for Quinta came to visit. She had cared for Quinta for a couple of years several times a week and was one of Quinta’s favorite dog-sitters. She had not been aware of Quinta’s surgery and cancer diagnosis, but when she found out she rushed over to see Quinta. Quinta was delighted to see her and got up from his bed, excited and wagging his tail.

The dog-sitter brought Quinta a new toy — a stuffed dog wearing a crown, just like a prince. She said that it reminded her of Quinta.

Quinta and the dog prince.
Quinta and the dog prince.

Quinta has always loved soft toys. He has hundreds of stuffed animals in the house and loves to show them off to visitors. I was so happy to see that he still gets excited about new toys, just like he used to before his surgery and cancer diagnosis.

The new toy has quickly become a favorite. It sat next to Quinta this morning as Quinta was getting his light therapy (with Jam watching).

Quinta with his new friend.
Quinta with his new friend.

The other day, after I found out about how Quinta’s cancer had spread, I was e-mailing a friend and broke down crying. Quinta came to my side to comfort me. It is he who is ill and in discomfort, but Quinta still has the kindest heart to try to comfort me notwithstanding his condition. Every day, Quinta teaches me about compassion and love.

Quinta is my angel.
Quinta is my angel.

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2 thoughts on “Quinta gets a new toy.”

  1. Yep, the tears are flowing over here to….but also some tears of happiness to know that Quinta is still loving life!! And that is good news!!

    His pictures always melt my heart. You can just SEE his kind and gentle spirit. Really, you can SEE it! It is soooooo obvious Quinta has…and is…touching so many lives. I don’t kow very many dogs that have so many personal friends/fans come and visit them all the time!

    It’s wonderful that all these visits bring his sparkle back full steam!! Keep ’em coming AND bringinf you toys Quinta!! If I could, I’d send you o e every day!! But I bet your mom is already taking care of making sure you are well supplied!

    Oh, just want to add how bright, aleet and napoy Qui ta’s eyes look..–well, not the one where he’s nalf asleep trying to ignore the camera!

    Jam, you keep helpng out over there! You’re doing a good job!

    Okay Quinta, NOW we need to see you surrounded by all your toys!!! Okay, maybe the room’s not big enough!

    You’re looking good Quinta! You’re a gentle soul…AND you are one strong fighter!!

    Stuffed toys all around!!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. Oh you sweetie, you comfort us too from all the way across the sea.

    Hundreds of stuffies? Neat! I’ll bet you treat each one with such care and love, just like you treat your pack.

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