Quinta starts a new journey.

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I spent Tuesday night next to Quinta’s body. In the morning, he seemed so peaceful after finally being released from the discomfort of illness. Friends stopped by the house throughout the day to pay their respects and leave flowers. Everyone commented on what a kind and loving dog Quinta was and how much joy he brought to our lives.

Quinta lying peacefully in the morning.
Quinta lying peacefully in the morning.

In the afternoon, we held a traditional Buddhist funeral for Quinta at a Buddhist temple. We filled Quinta’s hearse with lots of flowers, as well as some of his favorite toys and treats and a photograph of each of the cats and one of Quinta and me together from a trip we took in the snow several years ago. We wanted Quinta to take these things with him, as his soul is released from his body and transitions into a new life/existence as souls are supposed to do under the Buddhist faith. In this sense, physical death is not an end but an event for the soul to move onto a new life. While I am not deeply religious, the basic teachings of Buddhism and the Japanese traditions based on them give me comfort in accepting that Quinta has simply moved on as any living being is bound to do at physical death.

We filled Quinta's hearse with things he needs for his new journey.
We filled Quinta’s hearse with things he needs for his new journey.

We sat in a small room with a Buddhist altar and the monk chanted traditional Buddhist sutras to assist Quinta’s soul in moving onto its new existence. Each of us went up to the alter to light incense.

Quinta's funeral.
Quinta’s funeral.

We said goodbye to Quinta for the last time as his hearse was moved to the crematorium. We waited about an hour and a half for the cremation to be completed, and then gathered around Quinta’s ashes and carefully picked out his bones with chopsticks to place them into the urn per the Buddhist tradition.

At home, we set up a simple altar for Quinta’s remains, surrounded by flowers and some of Quinta’s favorite treats. He is home now, albeit in a smaller and different form. The loneliness and emptiness of the house is overwhelming and I realize that it will take a while to adjust to a new life without the physical presence of Quinta. But I know that he is always here in spirit and is looking after my family and friends, with the same kindness and love that he so readily shared with us in his earthly life.

Quinta comes home.
Quinta comes home.

I am deeply thankful for the kind messages of sympathy and support that everyone has sent me, and touched to learn that in such a short time, Quinta has made so many friends all over the world.

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7 thoughts on “Quinta starts a new journey.”

  1. I’m not suremthat I’ve ever actually seen your name, so, I am going to call yo Quinta’s Angel if that’s alright. YOU are a lovely, lovely soul and, just as you felt privileged to have Brave Quinta in your life, he felt just as privileged to have you in his.

    You have expressed yourself beautifully. To some, you have added a new dimension to their awareness, to others, you have reminded us what we already know on a soul level.

    Thank you for sharing Quinta’s transition with us. I now you are i a very sad and difficult place right now, but I hope writing this brought you some level of comfort……I now it did for me.

    Yes, Quinta has left his “earthly clothes” but his soul, his energy has merely moved on to a different level of existence.

    If I was closer, I just want you to know, if it was okay with you, I would be beside you and your friends at the Buddhist Temple to help send him off. I would have tucked a note beside him that would have said, “Your existence on this plane has touched lives in a way that only an enlightened soul can. Thank you for joining us, albeit too brief, and teaching us so mich about love, life and gentleness. Your life mattered.”

    May you find great comfort in this beautiful trnsition and may your grief lessen so you can let the joyful memories continue to touch your heart and bring you smiles.

    Please stay connected with us. It’s comforting on both ends.
    Would love to hear more wonderful memories of your life with Quinta. I know Quinta will stay connected to you on soooo many different levels. I hope you will feel like sharing that too.

    We are holding you gently in our hearts. Our love to you, Quinta’s Angel and to Jam.

    Again, thank you for including us in this beautiful tradition. Your pnotos were exquisite.

    Love and light,

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. Dear Sally always finds just the right words to say. Thank you for sharing your love for Quinta so eloquently. I wish you peace and the comfort that we hold you in our hearts and prayers.

    -Liz and Roxie

  3. What a beautiful way to say good by and thank you for sharing. I understand how you are feeling right now, but what a great love there was between you and that is something you will have for the rest of your life and into the next.

    Luanne & Spirit Shooter

  4. Truly is a lovely way to say goodbye. I understand how things are too quiet and too clean. Time will help. However, nothing will replace him. Quinta was a unique soul. Thank you for sharing him with us here.


  5. Beautiful! He was so loved… we can tell this from just a screen with your words and pictures on it.
    I have been in that place where you are, as many of us here have been, and some of us, very recently.
    We understand. I wish you peace to get through this next chapter in Quinta’s life..
    Close your eyes, and open your heart… you will feel him. He is lying beside you so peaceful and quiet, just waiting.

    Christine….. with Franklin in her heart ♥

  6. Your tribute to Quinta is beautiful, and we all wish we could take just a bit of your sadness away. Your post about his new buggy encouraged me to by a stroller for my dog, so I will think of Quinta often. Thank you for sharing this great love story with us.
    Tracy & Angel

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