Quinta says “Not today”.

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Last night, Quinta went into shock from internal bleeding in his liver. I called our vet who kindly agreed to attend to him in the middle of the night. X-rays and ultrasound revealed that Quinta’s liver is abnormally enlarged, putting pressure on his other organs, including his stomach and his lung. Quinta was in such discomfort that I seriously considered euthanasia, but he held on and said that he still has the will to live, so I brought him home at 2 am.

Quinta is a fighter.
Quinta is a fighter.

Quinta is weak but is able to get up to go to the bathroom. He still wants to eat but can’t eat a lot in one sitting because of the pressure on his stomach, so a friend and I came up with a menu of foods to entice him, including mini pancakes with shredded vegetables and chicken liver (my friend, who has experience taking care of a dog suffering from cancer, came up with the recipe for these mini pancakes and says that cooking the pancakes gives off flavor that stimulates appetite). I also made mini hamburger patties to go with vegetable puree. Anything to keep Quinta’s strength up. My friend brought me fermented fruit and vegetable juice, which we diluted with mineral water and which Quinta loved. Here in Japan, we have a long history of fermented foods which are suppposed to do wonders for both humans and animals.

Quinta says “Not today”. He is holding on, because he is brave and strong, and knows his mom is not ready and needs time.

Quinta says "Not today".
Quinta says “Not today”.

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10 thoughts on “Quinta says “Not today”.”

  1. I wish strength, and love to both of you at this time. Quinta, you are one fine handsome dude with many, many friends who love you dearly! I have never heard of so many visitors!! lol You are such a lucky pup with so much love to share!
    Good boy!

  2. How scary to see your little guy having such big problems. We are all thinking of you and wishing you and Quinta the best.

  3. It can be a wild ride, and Quinta must love excitement, but I know you’re ready for calm and predictable. I hope Quinta does better now that he has a personal chef, and I hope that he feels better soon. No matter how long we have, it’s the quality that makes it all worthwhile. Thanks for taking such good care of him.


  4. Not today Quinta! Darn right! You will decision your own terms!

    Right now Quinta is home with you enjoying every sacred moment! Stay in tne moment and let NOTHING rob you of the joy of beng together right now!

    It is indeed wnderful for Quinta to have such great “chefs” fixing up these special made meals! Thanks for sharing your insight on this….and so many of the wonderful treatments you are using.

    Quinta loo,s very comfortable and perfectly content. He is such a handsome, handsome boy. That face just melts your heart!

    We may be “across the pond” but we are all by your side and sending you strength, calm and peace.

    Quinta has decided he’s not giving up yet and that wonderful vet of yours says too, so you hang onto that! Okay? Good! It’s settled then! Bring on the pancakes”

    Love and hugs!

    Sally and Happy Hannan

  5. Sending Quinta and you loving thoughts and blessings. He is a tripawd warrior and doing things the way he wants to.

    Take care and hugs to Quinta and yourself.

    Luanne & Shooter

  6. Courageous Quinta, you are so strong. May you have lots of time ahead to enjoy the delicacies your people so lovingly prepare, to soak up the love and adoration, to share your lessons about life with silly humans. You have so many gifts to share and cancer can never take them away.


    P.S. If your people have time we would love to see that pancake recipe.

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